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History of the Park

Parco Rossi is a romantic garden of high landscape value in Santorso, in the Province of Vicenza. It is the key element of a complex system founded by Alessandro Rossi between 1865 and 1884, which includes the Villa with its Park, upstream, and the model farm, downstream.


To experience with all your senses

Thanks to an innovative project carried out by the municipality of Santorso, the Park is a welcoming and accessible space equipped with an integrated and multisensory communication system, according to the principles of design for all.

In particular, with this project important communication and multimedia objectives have been achieved:

A tactile, talking and visual map welcomes you at the entrance and provides information about the site, safety and visiting system. It is linked to the Park’s audio system and includes a tactile reading guide for all. Information is available in Italian, English and Braille.

A multimedia self-guide accompanies you to discover the Park, through 19 audio and video stories that reveal the nature, history and secrets of the Park.The content can be accessed with a smartphone through a system of beacons scattered throughout the Park.

A multisensory experience suitable for children, adults, seniors, foreigners and people with motor or sensory disabilities. You will always find the right experience for you.


Bring your smartphone or tablet and a pair of earphones, download the Izi.Travel APP. The Park is FREE WIFI SantorsOnline.


Parco Rossi is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., the visit is free.



“Parco Rossi INgame”

Thanks to the GATE Project, an interactive reality game has been developed and created, offering a playful and multimedia experience for everyone, thanks to the innovative use of theatrical languages and advanced digital technologies.

Guests are the protagonists of an adventure “story”, in which they will encounter different situations related to the reality and history of the Park, experiencing emotions and exploring the architectural and historical elements that constitute its peculiarity and deep essence.

The game experience is guided by a chatBot system: a ‘virtual assistant’ appears on the player’s device and guides him/her in the development of his/her ‘adventure’. In addition to producing a textual conversation, the system can speak (audio), show videos, ‘listen’ to the player via voice recognition and follow the player’s position in the Park.

In order to make the visit so engaging, a series of contents have been created through augmented reality that allow the visitor to experience the Park and the Villa as they were at the time of Alessandro Rossi.

For the entire visit, Arac (an avatar representing the imaginary beast of Parco Rossi) will be the host. He appears through the use of virtual reality and animation, facilitating the involvement of the player.

The game allows the visitor to become an explorer and accumulate points for each destination reached; the ranking can be shared through social networks. The game has different levels of difficulty to suit different types of players.

The Parco Rossi INgame is a new, interactive and original way to explore Parco Rossi. Its nature, the romanticism of its 19th century artefacts and its “hidden” stories are revealed thanks to an advanced digital environment that combines past, present and future.


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An experience for all senses

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