The city of Merano hosted the third meeting of the GATE cross-border project. New technologies for accessible tourism

Allow everyone, beyond any physical barriers, to get to know the Alpine and pre-Alpine areas: this is the goal of the GATE project. To achieve this goal, technologies like virtual reality, apps and chatbots are also used. In this way, the World Heritage of the Dolomites can really belong to everyone.

The first activities are already under way, for instance in the Geoparc Bletterbach pilot site. Here, next summer, a virtual reality station will be installed in the Geological Museum of Redagno. Thanks to a 3D viewer, it will be possible to digitally explore the Bletterbach gorge for the first time, taking a leap into millions of years ago, virtually passing through the canyon, which thus will also become accessible to the elderly, as well as to visitors with motor disabilities, families with strollers, and small children. These activities will be financed by European funds made available by the Interreg Italy-Austria Programme.

At this link – – you can view the first teaser trailer of the visit through the Gorge accessible to everyone!

The third project meeting was held at the Kurhaus, in Merano, on 24 and 25 October. Among those in attendance, the city’s Deputy Mayor, Andrea Rossi, the Vice President of the Merano tourist board, Enzo Coco, and Valentin Schroffenegger from the Natural Parks Office of the Province of Bolzano, attending on behalf of Councillor Maria Magdalena Hochgruber Kuenzer.