GEOPARC BLETTERBACH (Visitors‘ Centre)
    Lerch 40
    I - 39040 Aldeno (BZ)
    Opening hours: May - October
    Every day, from 9.30am to 6.00pm

    Peter Rosegger Haus
    I - 39040 Aldeno/Redagno (BZ)
    Opening hours: May - October
    Every day, from 9.30am to 6.00pm

    Passo Oclini Parking
    I - 39040 Aldino/Passo Oclini (BZ)
    Recommended period: June - September
    R&R point: Malga Corandin (accessible by Swisstrac for visitors in wheelchairs, WC not suitable for people with disabilities)

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New technologies enable an inclusive experience of nature for everyone


As part of GATE, in collaboration with the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, independent L. has equipped the pilot site GEOPARC Bletterbach in South Tyrol with innovative technologies to allow all visitors to experience nature in an inclusive way.


The visitor centre in Aldino and the GEOMuseum in Redagno offer a glimpse into the interior of the mountains, the world of minerals and the structure of the Dolomites.

The gorge is located in one of the nine areas of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage, and presents itself like an open book containing more than 40 million years of geological history.


The place is an interesting destination particularly for hikers, scientists and families with children, and can be experienced barrier-free thanks to the achievements of the GATE project:


  1. Realization of a web app for multimedia content and development of the “GEOPARC Guide”

The new digital program works with every smartphone and can be used by interested organisation in the programme area.

An example of implementation is the South Tyrolean “GEOPARC Guide”, which enables an inclusive experience of nature for the whole family, with in-depth information for all age groups: The exciting themed trail to the UNESCO World Heritage Site with 8 digital information points goes from Passo Oclini to Malga Gurndin and is also suitable for families with strollers and people with motorised wheelchairs (such as Swiss-Trac). The accessible content is available in German, Italian, English and the Italian sign language (LIS). Walking time approx. 1.5 hours.


  1. Realization of a chatbot for multimedia content and development of the “Bletterbot”

The new digital interactive system uses the Facebook messenger service and allows chatting by means of a technical program that can be employed by interested organisations in the programme area.

The example of implementation in the South Tyrol known as “Bletterbot” has been integrated into the Facebook page of GEOPARC Bletterbach and offers not only general information about the visitor centre, but also an educational game with changeable gameplay. The accessible content is available in German, Italian and English.


  1. Realization of an immersive visitor experience with virtual reality entitled “Back to Bletterbach”

In the GEOMuseum in Redagno, visitors can experience the Bletterbach gorge virtually and realistically with special 3D glasses. In this way, especially seniors, families with strollers and people with mobility impairment can immerse themselves barrier-free in the nature of the Bletterbach gorge. The didactic high-resolution 3D videos were created in German, Italian and English.


  1. Expansion of the “Car park finder” App to include the “free/occupied parking space” function with the first car park sensors in Bolzano

In 2016 independent L. developed an accessible App for iOS and Android named “Car park finder”, which shows the reserved parking spaces for people with disabilities throughout South Tyrol. As part of GATE, this application was expanded and 10 parking spaces in Bolzano were equipped with car park sensors that show the occupancy status (“free/occupied”) of the parking spaces in the App. The implemented pilot project proves that innovative technologies also contribute to improving the quality of life for all people in the smart city area.


  1. Creation of the GATE IT-Tool – Plugin for WordPress for the display of the map with POI – Points of Interest

The GATE IT-Tool can be easily installed in an Internet website (WordPress) to inform people about the barrier-free structures and services present in the area. The placing of this information at the viewers’ disposal could prove to be an excellent strategy for attracting new potential visitors, because people with special needs can use the tool to organise their visit in the best possible way and learn in advance about any obstacles they would encounter.

This innovative mapping plugin has been developed by independent L. based on “Alto Adige per tutti” – Turismo inclusivo in Alto Adige – (South Tyrol for All – Inclusive Tourism in South Tyrol) and has been adapted to the popular content management system WordPress. Frontend display is totally customisable for adapting its graphics to your homepage.

The Plugin is made available for without charge to the bodies located in the program area and can be applied for by writing to the e-mail address: info@suedtirolfueralle.it.

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The visitor centre, geological museum and gorge are closed during winter

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